A Scrapbook of Acts

Scrapbooking is one of the most common ways that families and friends create their shared biographies. In a scrapbook you can find many different pictures, many comments and notes, and other items that help to tell a story over time (sometimes a long period of time!). Thanks to the way scrapbooks are created it helps one to understand the context and the feel of the story being presented in the book. The story being told comes to life because of the scrap book.

Much like a scrapbook, the book of Acts also presents a multitude of stories all about Jesus Christ.

Jesus is central to what is happening in the book of Acts.

In this message, Glenn continues his teaching on the book of Acts starting with chapter 2 and focuses on six dominant themes throughout the book.

“A Scrapbook of Acts” by Glenn C. Stewart

Photo by Jonathan Simcoe on Unsplash