Series: Living Fully Devoted to God

A New Mind for a New Life

The question for today is how do I stop being conformed to this present age so that I can give myself fully to living out the will of God? We begin by looking at what God’s word says about “being transformed by the renewing of our minds”.

Living the Real You

As you listen to today’s message which is titled “Living the Real You” ask yourself what do you want with life? Do you want to be the “real you” or the “false you”?
Be transformed to live the “real life” that God has given you and created you for.

Living a Life of Worship

Last week started the teaching series “Living Fully Devoted to God” where we are listening to what God’s word has to say in Romans 12:1-2. Today’s we continue the series with the message title “Living a Life of Worship”.

Living Fully Devoted to God

Let us think about what it means to be fully devoted to God, giving ourselves fully to His purpose and plan, to orient our lives around what He wants, so that nothing He asks of us is too much.